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America's Libraries: Finding the Women Who Help Make Them

Today I'm beginning my "America's Libraries" journey. For the next six months, I'll be visiting hundreds of libraries (actually close to 1000) across the country. I'll mainly be visiting Carnegie libraries -- I used them to draw my route -- but I'll also be visiting other public libraries in the towns between the Carnegies.

On my first day, I'll be visiting only two libraries: the Slover Library and the Van Wyck Library, both in Norfolk, VA. Virginia might be the home of the Presidents, but it is not home to (many) Carnegie Libraries. Only seven Carnegies were built here (four academic, three public) and only one library is still open to the public: the Van Wyck. I'm writing this from one of the reading rooms there, a light, airy room with violet walls and white ionic columns.

Thus far, the librarians I've met (Taylor and Katie) are helpful, but shy. They are eager to talk to talk to talk with me about their libraries, but they didn't want their pictures shared on social media.

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