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Day 2: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Updated: Jun 27

Carnegie libraries visited: Latta, South Carolina

I'm now two-thirds of the way through my library tour. I've travelled nearly 25,000 miles, have taken pictures of some 700 libraries, and visited about 200 Carnegie libraries...
So now I'll begin recounting my journey, day by day, with a few observations.

Although I'm focusing my research on Carnegie libraries, I'm also taking pictures of every library I encounter on my way. Some, such as the George H. and Laura Brown Library, in Washington, North Carolina (pictured below) are magnificent. Not every library is so blessed. The weather-beaten front door of the library in Hyde County, North Carolina, is what greets the public on this small library tucked inside a municipal building. The Carnegie library in Latta, South Carolina, which was closed for repairs. Outside, a faded picture of Mrs. Wessie Braddy, its first librarian, is on a memorial plaque. Her obituary notes that Bessie ran a boarding house and was a school teacher. It does not mention her service to the library.

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